Has anyone experienced this?I was just playing with my a brakes(avid elixir cr)when ,while pulling on the the front lever it suddenly bottomed.It wiil return very slowly and when i tried pulling it again,same thing happend plus,i was feeling a little click when i tug n the brake lever.at first I thought it was just air going into the system,so tried bleeding the darn thing.When i cant resolve the problem,i went to my LBS and they too tried to bleed it.No luck,so the bike mech said he would have to open the brake lever assembly.Upon opening a piece of white plsstic(maybe it was a ring)fell immediately off.It was broken in two.The next thing we notced upon inspection is that the rubber o-ring has a nick.the store doesnt have repair kit for elixirs but they do have repair kit for juicy/ultimates so the bike mech tried to remedy the problem using juicy parts but unfortunately parts were different.
i went and brought the brakes to the avid dealer and they told me that it may take a while for the brakes to be repaired.I have no choice,i have to have it repaired but i am loosing faith with my current brakes.I am seriously thinking of changing my brakes into Hope M4's.I saw one in my LbS.