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    Hope Brakes Not Building Pressure After Braided Line Swap

    I decided to swap out the standard brake lines to braided after a crash destroyed one of the lines (front brake, the rear brake is giving me the issues). I installed both front and rear lines, and was able to bleed out the front line, but the rear is no being nice.

    I swapped the lines over and then started pumping the lever (newer X2 evo) and after dozens of pumps, it won't even build enough pressure to move the pistons. I am able to use a syringe to push and pull fluid through the system, but even after multiple attempts using the syringe, the lever is not building any pressure (push lever to the bars w/o any resistance).

    I know on the Hope videos for bleeding they tell you to tip the lever down after bleeding to try and get some of the bubbles out of the cylinder, which I haven't done yet. But I am confused as to ZERO pressure in the system.

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    Have you checked for any leaks? It sounds to me like the system is not completely sealed.

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    No leaks. Hope suggested a issue with a plugged port somewhere.

    I would think a leak would allow to build some pressure, but decrease as the fluid ran out.

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    Did you start at the rear caliper and pump fluid through the lines into the reservoir? Sounds like you have air in the lines still, gonna have to keep pumping fluid through the line from the caliper end until you get all the air out.

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    So you have the older flip-flop style levers?

    It sounds to me like you either have a leak (which you'd see fluid somewhere) or major air in the system. I'm guessing the latter of the two is the case. I'd give the brakes a real good bleed . . .

    Not sure why you'd be "pushing/pulling" fluid through the system with a syringe, BTW . . . never had to do that with my Hopes. I don't use a syringe at all.
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    It does not take much air (tiny little bubbles) to completely prevent pressure build-up. You are compressing that air, and with the small amount of fluid the master cylinder pushes, that bit of air could very easily be preventing any buildup.

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    I had the same issue last time I bled my rear X2.
    What worked very well was getting the bike angled on the stand, so the back caliper is very low, and the entire hose is almost vertical. Put it in a similar orientation as the front brake (almost straight up and down).
    Bled quickly and super strong after. They had been squishy for a while before.

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