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    No good Heyes HMX-1 Siezed, What to do?

    Yes, the adjustment for the inside pad in now siezed. This is the second time this has happened to me. First time LBS (whom i dont really care for too much) replaced it with a new caliper. It now happened again with the new break. Talk about bad luck, either that or a really poor product. I will take it back to the LBS, but i am not sure if they will replace it or not since i bought the bike (came with HMX-1) in 2002. If they do not replace it for free, what are my other options? Thanks

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    Any Hayes Disc Brake found by the factory to be defective in materials and/or workmanship within two
    years from the date of purchase will be repaired or replaced at the option of the manufacturer, free of
    charge, when received at the factory with proof of purchase, freight prepaid. This includes assembly
    costs (for instance by the dealer), which shall not be covered by Hayes Disc Brake. This warranty
    does not cover breakage, bending, or damage that may result from crashes or falls. This warranty
    does not cover any defects or damage caused by alterations or modifications of new Hayes disc
    Brakes or parts or by normal wear, accidents, improper maintenance, damages caused by the use of
    parts of different manufacturers, improper use or abuse of the product, or failure to follow instructions
    contained in an instruction manual for Hayes Disc Brake. Any modifications made by the user will
    render the warranty null and void. The cost of normal maintenance or replacement of service items,
    which are not defective, shall be paid for by the original purchaser. This warranty is expressly in lieu of
    all other warranties, and any implied are limited in duration to the same duration as the expressed
    warranty herein. Hayes Disc Brake shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages.
    If for any reason warranty work is necessary, return the brake to the place of purchase. In the USA,
    contact Hayes Disc Brake for a return authorization number (RA #) at (888) 686-3472. At that time,
    instructions for repair, return, or replacement shall be given. Customers in countries other than USA
    should contact their dealer or local Hayes Disc Brake distributor.

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    Agreed with Jim......you have a definite issue. The inner pad has no cable attachment, or any other force beyond braking pressure.

    I'm still not familiar with the HMX 1 setup, but I know that Avid's can do the same thing if you adjust the pad inward too far. Not doubting that your BRAKES are broken, but maybe after two calipers, you should check yoru setup........yeah, the LBS did it, but we all know that your LBS can hire some totally unqualified wrenches who do more harm than good. Maybe check that they're installing the caliper correctly, not too far inboard......if they are, and you're clicking the pad adjusters out properly, you're actually un-threading the inner pad piston from the caliper body, which will cause it to "sieze"......no fault of yours, you assume they're centered right. I'd check a bit closer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rkj__
    Yes, the adjustment for the inside pad in now siezed. This is the second time this has happened to me....
    I've had both Avid & Hayes inboard manual adjust mech siezed. Regardless of how well you grease the threads, it is a steel disc threaded in aluminium that gets hot, and if you add road salt, it's not hard to see why it siezes.

    My Avid was fixed under warrenttee.

    My Hayes was repairable by using a good allen key and alot of force.

    You can stay on top of the inboard manual adjust threads & clean/re-grease when it gets sticky. My buddies that don't road ride in winter have no problems. As a result, I have switched to hydralics for winter commuting.



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    02/03 HMX calipers & 04 MX-1 inside calipers

    I'm almost in the same boat as you, the inside caliper has seized, and in the midst of me trying to turn the cap, I basically stripped the plastic adjustment knob and I still can't move the caliper.

    I have seen some sites sell the inside calipers separately, but what I want to know is and if anyone's tried this or if it's at all possible. Use the inside caliper assembly of an 04 MX-1 (since they seem to have both allen bolts & plastic knobs) on the old HMX-1s?


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    Is this something new?

    When I was using Hayes, the adjustment was always stuck.

    So this is the adjustment 'bolt' seizing in the caliper and not the 'bolt' embedding itself in the copper pad backing (like it ALWAYS does)?

    rkj, try this before you take it to the LBS. Take a flat screwdriver and lever the inboard pad away from the caliper, gently of course. It should stick a little, but it will come free if nothing is amiss. Then try adjusting the pad.

    This might fix it. If it does, then some folks have some answering to do...

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