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    Hayes mag refurb value?

    I did a search but had trouble finding anything related to "Hayes mag".

    I just bought a used bike that came with a pair of Hayes Mags that are in great functional shape, but the levers are too far out for my hands. I need to buy a new pushrod (@ $20) on at least one of the levers. I was considering a pair of straitline levers to replace the factory ones as well. Those mods will put me about $50-60 into these brakes.

    I haven't used mags in several years, but I'm debating whether there's any value in refurbing these brakes or if I should just sell them for very cheap and buy something like SLX brakes or another used set of jobbers.

    FWIW, I weigh 200 and ride DH on these brakes. My previous ones were Saint m810s. Before that was gustavs which were too powerful. Before that was Hope DH04s which were nightmarish. Before that was Hayes mags.

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    Hayes Mags live on, longer than their future iterations just about. That's why you can still buy pads for them everywhere; not so much the proprietary pads of relative recent Hayes brakes.

    If you stick with the Mags, I would go with an 8" Hayes Mudcutter rotor up front, and scintered metallic pads. I've run many seasons with my Heckler at Northstar w my Mags (f8'r6").

    To keep adjustment on threaded rod, use non hardening joint compound to keep it from vibrating adj. away. And if lever is still too far out after adjusting the 2.5 hex (ball end best) to the limit/threads, let a little fluid out caliper bleed nipple- carefully. Remove pads just in case, or MUCH better: stick a clear tube over nipple so you can see amount withdrawn as you pull the lever just a wee bit- not even close to all the way. (back out your lever adjustment before, so you have some to work with post-op).

    See if a shop has a spare push rod some where. Most will say $60 is too much for upgrades "The brakes themselves aren't worth that much." But for a dual piston/single pot, they are great in this land of consumables. If you DH only, post there for ideas on new ones if you go that route, I don't think SLX would come up, tho they are great all-around.
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    I would check around on the bike websites, ebay for an entire brakeset you could find one for cheap and use it for parts if you decide to keep them. I still run Mags on my RFX with those Straightline levers, which I like. Hayes also made some short reach levers that were shaped different from the stock ones.

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