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    Hayes HFX-9 vs. Mag: What's the diff??

    I'm wondering what the difference is between the master cylinders on the HFX-9 and HFX mag. Obviously the mag incorporates magnesium, but the weight difference is only a few grams; is there a significant mechanical difference between the function and feel of the two levers? Since the systems are otherwise identical, I'm leaning toward the HFX-9 as its cheaper and I'm not enough of a weight weenie to care about the weight difference. Has anyone tried both or had consistent problems with either??

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    ... and if we just ... More problems are reported with 9's BUT...

    I have the HFX-9 HD (8") and I've had zero problems with them after 3 months. From perusing the reviews it appears that the earlier HFX-9 levers had more problems than the newest ones. I don't think there is any compelling reason to go with MAG over HFX-9, especially since you can get Goodrich lines, GRC levers and HFX-9s for basically the same price as MAGs and end up with a noticably superior brake overall.

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    I ran the HFX-9's last year, worked good. Nothing spectacular, but they never let me down. Sold 'em to a friend, and my new bike came with Haye's Mags. They feel the same as the HFX-9's, but I don't have too much riding time on them.
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    I have to chime in and give my $.02 on the HFX-9 levers. I've had the little bleeder cap come off two times now resulting in a handful of hydro oil and no brakes. Once in the front, and just recently the rear brake. First time was a bush grabbing it and pulling it off and last time was from my helemet. I had the helmet resting on the bars while shuttling up the hill. When I took the helmet off, the cap got caught in the liner and poof. No brakes. It is an inherant design weakness. You can mask it by using duct tape or electrical tape to keep the cap in place, but that's pretty ghetto. If you're gonna go Hayes, go for the Mags.

    Check the exploded diagram of the master cylinder on page 17. The part I'm refering to is labeled as #43. Suck ass design if you ask me.


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