Guide RS lever "sucking in"-
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    Guide RS lever "sucking in"

    I've been running Guides on several bikes and have been very impressed with the power and modulation. Having my first problem with the brakes on one bike.

    These brakes are about 6 months old and I swapped them onto my new E29. When I did so, I had to replace the line on the rear (due to length). I bled the rear only at that time.

    Fast forward about six weeks and I'm having an issue only on the rear brake (the one that was bled). When it gets hot, the lever "sucks" in toward the grip. And I'm talking about half of the free stroke. The brake still works, but the braking is right there soon as you touch it obviously, since the free stroke is gone.

    I can manually push the lever out, but it sucks right back in until the system cools off.

    Obviously another bleed is in order. I'm not a pro brake bleeder, but I do have the pro bleed kit (with two syringes). Anyone have a thought as to what might be going on outside a bad bleed? To be clear, these symptoms started about six weeks AFTER I bled the rear, so it wasn't right away. Thanks.
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    I've got nothing. It's almost certainly something to do with needing to be bled, but I've never seen that sort of behavior. Keep us updated on how the bleed works, and if the problem resumes later?

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    Yep, having the same issue here, also on the rear brake. The shop has replaced the caliper but the problem is still there. I dropped it back to them today and they'll send it back to sram to look at. I do like them, hope they can fix it. It is hard to describe the problem isn't it?


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    Two more bleeds, no joy. Swapped a lever off another set of working brakes and problem solved. Seems the issue is in the lever/MC assembly. Known problem from SRAM, being warrantied.
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    I am willing to bet the problem is the bladder or the little return valve ball/spring that is maufactured incorrectly. Looking at the exploded view, it would make total sense with what everyone is describing. Hope SRAM gets it figured out for you.
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