Formula Puro Lever Dragging-
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    Formula Puro Lever Dragging

    My front brake lever doesn't return after letting go like the rear lever. Both are adjusted the same way and they both are braking just fine, but if you squeeze the front and release it, the lever moves back slowly compared to the rear which doesn't quite snap back, but moves quickly. I would say the front lever travels back at about half the speed. Hoses were never cut, and they've never been bled in the 2 months I've had them. They've been like that from the start with no problems braking other than some noise but wanted to know if anyone else has had that type of issue and what might cause it.

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    I've actually experienced the same problem, but I think it is worse in the rear. No one has been able to tell me why or what I can do about it.

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    Sometimes debris is accidentally introduced into the DOT which can clog the line and cause slow lever return. I'd start with a bleed of the master.

    Also, in my experience rear lever return is always slightly (but shouldn't be too obvious) slower than front due to the longer line.

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    I contacted Formula about this back in May, as the lever return on my K18's had become very slow. Chris informed me that it was likely MC contamination, the fault of an internal composite part that in later production runs had been switched to aluminum. They fixed them quickly, and I've been enjoying quick, light lever action since then. Thanks again Chris!

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    Hi guys,
    There are 2 potential things which could be going on:
    1. A slight swelling of the lever bushings combined with really tight lever blade/bushing/lever body tolerances on the Oro Puro. If some dirt managed to work its way in there, a quick removal, and cleaning of the area should get you up and running. In some cases, it is necessary to remove a small amount of material on the lever blade using a very fine tooth file or sandpaper at the junction between the lever blade and the bushings on the MC body. The thickness in this location should be 11mm.
    2. The other possibility is a contaminated and swelling MC piston carrier. In some cases, we have seen the material of the MC piston carrier swell very slightly after seeing some contamination. Half way through 2007 we changed the material we were using for this part from plastic to alloy. This has fixed the swelling issue. If this is your problem, you will need to replace the MC piston.

    Check option 1 first and if that does not seem to be the problem, option 2 will be the fix. Give me a call at HQ if you want me to send you the pistons out or if you would like to set up an RA.


    Chris Costello

    PS Guava: Our phone number in the office is 707.765.2770....if you just call us up or even drop us an email...we can answer any questions you have about the brakes.

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