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Safety Recall - Formula Oro Disc Brake System
Urgent Notice:


Your Formula Oro Disc brake system may be the subject of a safety recall. If your bike has a Formula Oro disc brake system installed, STOP RIDING YOUR BIKE until you determine whether your brakes are part of this recall.

The set screw which secures the pin which attaches the brake lever to the master cylinder may come loose. If these set screws come loose, your brake levers may separate from the brake, rendering the brakes inoperable, and you could lose control of your bike and fall.

Check the serial number of your brakes at the brake lever. Brakes with a serial number lower than 295237 are included. If you have an affected brake set, bring it to the bicycle dealer where you purchased the brakes for inspection and repair. For questions about this recall, please contact or call toll free:

While we recommend having your dealer repair your Oro brakes, consumer repair instructions are available below. If you are uncomfortable or unable to repair the brakes yourself, please contact your dealer for repairs!


1. Safety Recall Poster - Summarizes the information above in one page
2. Repair Instructions - Instructions for repairing your Oro Brakes

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question):


Q: Which Brakes are affected by the recall?

* All Oro brakes manufactured prior to July, 2007.
* All Oro brakes with master cylinder serial numbers lower than 295237.
* Some 2005-2006 Oro Puro brakes are not affected, as the brake lever pin is secured with a clip rather than a set screw. If your Oro Puro brakes lack the set screw shown in the repair instructions, they may not be affected. Please have your dealer inspect the levers!

Q: How do I find my serial number?

* See the image above for serial number location.

Maintenance and Repair

Q: Do I need to check the set screw often?

* The set screw should be checked after crashes which affect the lever.

Q: My set screw did not come loose. Will it fall out later?

* Your set screws are probably fine. As a precautionary measure, they should be torqued to spec by your dealer.

Q: I do not have a bit that will fit my torque wrench. What do I do?

* Visit your Formula Dealer to have the screw torqued properly. If you must do it yourself, follow the alternate tightening procedure in our repair instructions, which uses a hex key to achieve the proper torque.

Q: I donít have a torque wrench. What do I do?

* If you must do it yourself, follow the alternate tightening procedure in our repair instructions, which uses a hex key to achieve the proper torque.

Q: What should I do if my brakes were purchased online?

* Take you bike to a local Formula Dealer. They will make the repair for you.

Q: Are you going to change the design because of this?

* No, when the set screw is correctly tightened to specification, there is no safety concern.

Q: What happens when the set screw is loose?

* When the set screw is loose, the pin which attaches the lever blade to the lever body will come loose. If the set screw backs far enough out, the pin can fall out rendering the brake inoperative.