I am back for a little while (I still think this new forum is clumsy) mostly to thank Nino for shipping me a brakeset of Vuelta Mags.

These are rare to find V-brakes by Vuelta, most likely the lightest V-brakes on (or off) the market today. Besides being very light (272 grams for the set of 2 brakes!!!) these are very strong V-brakes. Perhaphs they are not as refined as the Avids I owned (Tri-align V-brakes, Arch supreme, Arch-rival, Single-digit Mag), but they seem much more powerful.

I have not yet tried the Vuelta levers (which are longer than my Avid Ultimate-L and might give even more modulation/power) but the combo Vuelta-Mag/Avid-Ultimate-levers works fantastic! One finger nose wheelies, exceptional, extremely controllable, modulation. (I installed one brake on the front of my GT STS with a Z1 2001, I am 145 pounds).

In a way it is very sad: V-brake development has stopped but one could
envision a 99gr V-brake and a very trail worthy 150 grams V-brake/lever combo that outperforms many disks! (e.g: build the brake in Mag, streamline and lengthen the casting, use titanium bolts, re-engineer the silly brake-return mechanism, perhaphs using a tiny elastomer instead of a spring, test an ultra-light cable set that does not need a curved-steel noodle to reach the top of the brake, ... any more ideas?).

Still, besides dreams, the reality is a front and rear at 272 + 150 = 422 grams, this before subtracting lighter bolts. Pretty good (just about the weight of a single Hayes disk brake!).