Did a search, and skimmed the above sticky, so apologize if I missed the info.

Q1) Did some playing around with my bike today, and for kicks replaced the stock avid rotor that came with my bike with a spare Hope 2 piece rotor I had laying around. Figured if I could save 20 grams, why not try it? Mounted up fine, but lever required more pull to engage- I'm assuming the rotor width is different-- so my question would be to get the lever back were I want it, do I need to rebleed the system?

Q2) I think I know the answer to this (stupid) question, but I'll ask anyway. If I wanted to replace the front Avid rotor (185mm) with another Hope 2-piece rotor (that come in 183mm) could I? Or would the 2 mm difference cause some issues I'm not thinking of?

Thanks-- Normally I can take care of most things bike related, but with hydros I need some help.