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    Bear with me, this is relevant!

    A friend and I were out riding, and coming down the trail. I was ahead, probably by 50-100 yds, and came down a fairly steep, rocky descent at low speed. There were some walkers coming along and they stopped at the bottom of the descent and waited for us to come down, and they had a dog.

    I rode down the slope, no problems, riding up the other side when my friend starts to go down it and the dog starts going mental. At this point he's still 15yds or so from the dog, and it continues barking and generally struggling as he rides down the slope towards it. As soon as he gets to the bottom of the slope the dog stops barking - it showed no interest as he went past nor any inclination to chase him.

    He uses Avid Juicy 7s and I use Magura Louise FR/Louise.

    Is it possible that the J7s were emitting ultrasonic noise (like a dog whistle) that was upsetting the dog? Presumably something like this would be down to pad materials, with the softer organic pads of the maguras producing less noise? Alternatively it would be some sort of specific resonance of his caliper/rotor/fork that squeals at that frequency? Has anyone else found dogs to be bothered by your brakes?

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    One of the paths that I take in to town is used by people to walk their hounds (don't get me started about the sh*te). I don't have a bell, prefering to say "hello" to let people know I'm behind them, but have found that I can sometimes get the attention of their dog by lightly applying the brake. My brakes are properly set up, so they don't squeak or squeal when used, but I can get a slight pitch out if them which is enough to catch the attention of mutts. I can hear it myself, but the dogs will most always turn and look long before the people.

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    I don't have squeal problems...

    with my brakes, at least not in a range that I can hear, and dogs don't go nuts when I use em. But it certainly is a possibility that your friends set up has a resonace point that is beyond human hearing range but hits the dog whistle range. Any pad, metalic, semi metalic or organic, in making contact with metal rotor, mounted to a metal adapter, fork, frame etc., is bound to make some noise at some frequency. I'd even be willing to bet that your's do to. Just not in a range that annoys K-9's. With our limited range of hearing frequency we just can't hear it. So yeah, I'd say that your friends brakes were squealing in a range that you can't hear but the dog could. The evedense was in the yapping pup!

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    I thought this story was going down a different path. One involving a loose dog, lunging and the crash glad to see it didn't;-)
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