• 01-21-2016
    Convert Guide R lever to RS?
    As topic says: can I convert a SRAM Guide R lever to RS lever by changing the lever assembly to the RS assembly (with the swinglink included)?

    Anyone know if the lever body is the same? from my exploded view viewing skillz, I assume the only difference is the lever and cam that are different, and changing these will give RS functionality on an R lever.

    Any thoughts?
  • 10-06-2017
    Did you ever try this, hssp? I'm thinking about doing the same. Did it really improve lever performance?
  • 10-09-2017
    Sorry can't be done. The lever body is missing the pivot point for the swing link in an "R" body.

    Sell the R and buy RS or RSC is your best option.
  • 10-09-2017
    Convert Guide R lever to RS?
    Uhhh, this thread was created over a year ago...

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