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Thread: code 7 issue

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    Cool-blue Rhythm code 7 issue

    I recently got a heck of a deal on a left over 08 demo 7II. It rolls out in stock trim with avid code 7 discs. To my knowledge that is a code caliper and a juicy ultimate lever and master cylinder with a fancy code logo printed on the front. My issue is that the little red pad contact point screw i'll call it does not seem to serve a purpose. You need to use a small allen to use this adjustment feature. No matter how much I turn this little screw in either direction, it doesnt do a darn thing. Anyone else have a similar issue, and if so what was or is the fix for this little issue. Thanks for any input.

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    let me try to say what I understood, you have a Code caliper and Ultimate levers... well I have the same, I change the levers after the lack of modulation in the original Codes levers, these doesn't allow much ti play was like complete stop or non brake from zero to 100%, no middle adjusts. Well the red dial should adjust from both sides and should have a stop end too as well. what could happen is that the brakes were not bleed properly (it's happen to me too), try this. And you can feel the adjustment if the pads are new, after few runs the adjust is gone, I think that could due the high volume that use the 4 pistons Code calipers and the small reservoir of the Ultimate. But you can adjust it again bleeding it again (putting more fluis into the system)


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