I know most of you are thinking in your head right now "adjust the spped dial, dumbass," but I want to adjust it the other way. I have the feeling in my front brake lever that I absolutely LOVE; it's easy to pull the lever, and then it's more of an abrubt stop in the lever action than a "mushy feel." I don't know how to explain it in proper braking terms, but I can explain it better like this: I want my brake lever action to feel more like punching a solid surface, such as a wall or table, than a more forgiving surface, such as a pillow or a couch. Ya get me?

So could this be a problem with cable/housing routing? I'm pretty sure it is, because the bike is a upgraded Sports Authority special (S.A. version of an Iron Horse Warrior or Maverick) and the cables and housing are stock. I'm probably going to suck up and make a run (or a ride) to the LBS today and pick up four cable/and housing kits for the whole bike (2 der. and 2 brake).

Thanks for any help,

One more kinda related question: how the hell am I supposed to remove the lever blade?! I'll post a picture of the lever so you can see why I'm saying "hell" in the question.