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    Centering rear caliper, a cautionary tail...

    So while out on my ride today I noticed some pad drag on my rear. No problem right? Finish my ride, get home, throw the bike up and loosen up the rear caliper. I spin the rear wheel just a bit and go about centering the caliper till i don't hear drag. SO everything is all well and good until I guess my right index finger gets a bit too close to the spinning disc. I don't have to tell you what happens next.

    The rear wheel comes to an abrupt stop. Not because the calipers rubbed hard againt the disc, oh no. But because my godd@mned finger got sucked into the slots between the damn disc! Needless to say those damn discs are mighty sharp. After a surreal moment where I extract my finger tip and get a close look at the damage before the inevitable niagra like surge of blood comes spewing out. I quickly launch into a barrage of expletives that would have made any marine drill Sargent proud.

    My finger got sliced at the side going through a good 3/4's of my nail too. Good times, I washed it out profusely threw some neosporin on it and wrapped it in a band aid. I contemplated going to the hospital but figured all they would do is suture me up and cut off my finger nail. I've had a finger nail cut off me before. F that noise!! I figure I should be fine with a good tight bandaid on it and I'll just let the nail grow itself out over the course of a couple months.

    Just goes to show your that anytime your working on any mechanical equipment you really have to keep your wits about you at all times. I'm usually good at this since I service motorcycles at a fairly high rate. Just an FYI guys. Hey, at least I can still type. Later this week I get to see if I can ride or not.

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    Great reading good thing rotor edges are sharp otherwise it would have torn. If their is a good thing about loosing a part of your finger. We drop our guard when wrenchin on MTB, been wrenchin since '76 + or - you'll be riding in no time. Some one posted a pick of their finger getting about 1/2 sliced off from a rotor. Yup they be sharp all right.
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    I'd use a bandaid, then keep electrical tape over it so it doesn't come off. Most of my bandages are paper towel and electrical tape.
    My best one was using a maxi pad on a serious head wound.
    Good times, good times.
    Plus with electrical tape you can get good pressure on the wound, and hold that nail in place until it grows out a bit.

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    Ouch! Hope you heal quickly

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    You should see the damage people do spinning the drivetrain on a fixed gear. Losing multiple fingers is not out of the question if your spinning it good and fast.

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    I had a dremel cutting disc bite my finger once spinning at around 25000rpm only cut like 1mm deep and 10mm long though. It didn't even bleed until like 30 seconds later so I had a good look at what was under the skin - kinda whitish stuff. Anyway, I hope you're recovering well, if you've got time, a pic would be entertaining. Don't do it if it makes you uncomfortable at all though. BTW, was it a regular round rotor or those wavy deal?

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