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    Idea! Cable/housing combos for Avid BBDB?

    So I have a frame that requires me to run full length housing for the rear brake which is an Avid BBDB. Right now I'm running it with a Shimano cable and generic housing w/ a couple drops of White Lightnin inside it. It's alright but not that smooth and a bit draggy. I had Avid Flak Jacket on there previously and that was smoother but also a bit draggy. Anyone have any tips to make the feel at the brake lever a bit better (and no, I don't want to go to hydros)? Wet lube? Dry lube? No lube? Teflon cable? Better housing? Gore? Thanks in advance
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    The draggy often comes from...

    ...the housing ends. First order of business is to prep those nice, flute them open and trim any excess "fringe" to ensure the ferrules seat fully.

    The "generic" housing I prefer is QBP branded stuff. I like it because I know it's cheap, but I also know it's made by Jagwire and so I'm pretty confident in that I know what I'm getting.

    Lube is optional, but a dry aerosol is an easy, slop free choice. I use Pyroil Silicone Spray Lubricant from Kragen, but Boeshield T9, McLube SailKote, or any other number of dry lubes should do the trick without attracting dirt or making a mess.

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    I have the Flak Jackets on mine and love them. The kit I got had enough outer housing to be able to run it uninterupted all the to both brakes without any cuts. I'd try it this way, then you don't have to worry about any feurelles(spelling?) messing with the cableing.

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    I agree - Flak Jackets are great. You can probably get the same performance for less with generic stuff (or Jagwire parts). No lube with lined cable and housing - or just silicone spray lube. In San Diego, you're probably OK with White Lightning, but I learned the hard way that it's a very bad lube for cables in cold climates.

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