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    A brake rub issue I can't seem to fix

    Hey guys,

    I'm a bit of a noob wth my new DH setup, but thought I had relatively decent mechanical knowledge. I can't seem to get rid of rub on my front brake rotor though.

    Bought the bike (Intense Uzzi) second hand from a friend, he'd put it together for me from a combo of parts he had. There was a very, very slight rub at one spot on the rotor when I rode it, so I aligned the pads using the method on the park tool site (loosen caliper, pull brakes on, tighten bolts, adjust). I got it about 95% fixed, and thought the new pads would just wear down a little and it'd mostly go away. There didn't seem to be any other fine tuning I could do.

    Wasn't an issue until last weekend when I did a full day on the DH track in the mud and rain. After hosing down the bike that day and riding it around yesterday, there was quite a bit of noise. I gave the rotors a wipe down and checked the pads, did the alignment test and have it "OK" but not great. Looking closer, the rotor is rubbing on the inside pad and not really centered between the two pads. I have no more adjustment on the caliper, it's all the way in.

    Any ideas of what else I can do? Tiny, tiny shims on the brake rotor to push it away from the wheel and centre it in the brake? For reference, I'm running Saints mounted to an 07 Boxxer WC on deemax wheels.


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    Take pads out and look at them for uneven wear. Also look at pistons for even activation and retraction. In a new brake the rotor sits centrally b/w pads and both pistons activate evenly. Piston seals get gunk in them in muddy conditions. To clean/relube, use light oil and repeatedly go through the process of lubing the piston, then pushing it back into the bore, and finally squeezing the brake and see how evenly the pads come out.
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    Make sure there's no play in the wheel and that it is secured properly.

    You can shim out the rotor or you can put shims between the fork and the adapter.

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