Switching the stock drop bars on a Mercier Kilo WT 1-spd road bike to a sweep bar (Mary or Clarence) setup. A couple of questions:

1. There is currently a 100 mm length, 15 degree rise Easton EA30 stem on this bike. Will this stem length create an issue when switching to sweep bars? (note that this stem is still pretty long for the drop bars -- I'm still an inch short of proper hand placement on the road brake hoods)

2. I've previously seen small 2-finger tektro brake levers mounted on a Felt 1-spd at a bike shop that I would like to use with the sweep bars -- the problem is I didn't catch the model number. Were these possibly bmx levers? The Felt website doesn't give specifics other than listing "tektro brake levers".

Looking for a reasonably-priced lever but with a quality feel to it to work with a caliper road brake. Any suggestions?