brake advice for aggressive trail rig-
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    brake advice for aggressive trail rig

    i'm building up my heavy duty aggressive trail bike. so far i've pieced together a 2003 intense uzzi slx, XT drive train (cassette, derailers, cranks, and shifters), fox vanilla rlc (still looking to upgrade), and assorted spare parts laying around. the only thing i don't have are brakes. i plan on using this bike for the occasional shuttling session, some of the more technical trails that include some fast downhill, hucking some smaller drops 3-4 foot tops (i'm not crazy) , i'm 185 and i'm really tuff on my gear so the brakes must be durable. i'm thinking a 8 inch up front and a 6 on back, my price range is 350 or under-any advice thanks

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    The fox is only warrantied with a 7in rotor, so an 8in might be a bad plan. How about Hope Mono M4 180 up front and a M4 160 at the back.

    The nice thing about that set-up is 1) no adapters involved and 2) the front and rear calipers are identical, if one ever broke there is a better chance of finding a replacement, it doesn't matter if it is a front or rear caliper.

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    Lots of brakes out there that will get the job done for your application.
    I run Avid Mechs with 7" rotors front and rear on PX RAD with DH wheels/DH tubes/DH tires. I've used this bike/setup for everything (XC, urban, DH) and the only time my brakes didn't work like I wanted them to was on a DH run in 37 dergee weather in pouring rain on muddy trails. Don't know if any other brake would do much better.
    Main reason to cosider them.. I've used these brakes for 2 years now and besides adjusting the pads (click here or there before every ride.. really simple) and replacing front pads once, I haven't had to do anything else to keep them running right.

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    The Magura GustavM's and Louise FR's would be a good choice too, they have a wide range of adapters and rotor sizes to fit just about anything. The Gustav's are great, top of the line stopping performance. I have the Louise FR's but I am waiting to heal before I can ride them for the first time, they are put togther quite well, levers feel great..... just don't know how they will ride yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SDtrailblazer
    i'm building up my heavy duty aggressive trail bike ...
    Sounds like you're building an Intense version of my Titus QuasiMoto. ;^)

    My Quasi is built up as a 32# HD Aggro XC bike, and works great for that.

    I've the Magura Louise FR with 180mm rotors front & rear, and love em.

    They've got bunches of power, and have no problem bringing my Clydesdale personage and bike to stops under pretty much any condition ( okay, wet-leaves on rocks doesn't really qualify as a "fail of braking" but more as a "failure of judgement" ... ).


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    Avid Juicy's...

    I'm in the process of building a Heckler set-up for heavy trailriding and light duty free-riding. I'm puting the new Avid Juicy Seven's on there. Although the larger rotor sizes are not yet available for the Juicies, they are available for the mechanicals. My LBS was nice enough to swap-out the Juicy's 160mm wavy rotors (which have been lightly criticized for their "stuttery" feel) for regular Avid mechanical rotors - 203mm front and 180mm rear. It should be a pretty sweet set-up.
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