Maybe this will assist others down the road.

I attempted my first ever bleed. I watched videos, took notes, watched vids again. I thought I was ready.

Attempt 1: What did I do wrong? Breath. Step away. Get it a second time.

Attempt 2: With notes and iPad ready, I went back to the bike and started the rear brake. I followed direction to a T. But then I lifted the bike off the rack and lost all compression once the angle of the bike changed. I was losing my mind!

I researched, asked questions, tried to find an answer. Nothing. I was sure I did everything right (I thought). Learned some other tips and tricks and recruited a friend to help out - he has a lot more experience.

SAME THING! Once the bike turned upside down, all pressure was lost.

He was just as confused as me, so we set back to the bike but angled the bike 45* with the forks in in the air. Accidentally, the handle bars shifted to the right quickly. A HUGE air bubble released and a few smaller bubbles followed along with it. Then then we finished the bleed and everything went fine after. Perfect brakes lever and back in action in time for the weekend spins.

SO. Moral of the story... tap those lines, calipers and levers. Turn the handlebars and get those air bubbles into the syringe where they belong.

I was so frustrated, I was tring to decide between XT and SLX brakes to replace my SRAMs.