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    Avid Mechs and Shimano centerlocks

    I am considering this combo, but see one potential problem that I could not find any info on. Since the Avid Mechs rely on the rotor flexing a bit I'm wondering how the new Shimano center lock rotors with the aluminum carrier would respond to being flexed like that. I know the Avids do not flex the rotor much, but I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts or has tried it yet.

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    I'm not sure how well the Shimano rotors match up with other brakes. The brake track is quite a bit smaller than others I've had (Hayes, Avid, Magura) and I think they are a hair thinner as well.

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    My guess is you're ok...

    ...considering that I'm using 2.0mm thick 160mm rotors on two of my Avid equipped bikes, and that the slightly thicker rotor material has no trouble flexing (Avid's 160 and 185mm rotors are each 1.8mm). I'm just guessing that if you can flex the thicker material, you can flex the center-lock rotor as well.

    Like Homebrew suggested, verify the brake track thickness. I know Shimano's original hydros were pretty slim looking compared to Avid, but I never measured and don't know for sure about their more recent brakes.

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    Bonking ... not feelin' well Avid mechs with Shimano XTR centrlock rotors

    Hope you don't mind me borrowing your thread. I'm in a similar situation here...

    So far my front brake work really great. But the rear isn't as smooth.

    There's some kind intermittent vibration from the rear brakes. It's definitely not a normal braking vibration. Sounded like something is rubbing against each other.

    At first I thought some part of the pad or spring is rubbing against the rotor arms (there's some marks, I'll post photos later) but the vibration frequency is a little too high. So, I'm guessing that the vibration is a result of the pad rubbing against the hole patterns.

    Anyone got ideas how to get rid of the annoying vibrations?

    No problems with my front brakes so, I'm guessing it's not because of compatibility problems but rather alignment? or maybe the pads.

    Rear pads are from Kool Stop.
    Front pads are stock Avids (front brakes work great)
    Using XTR combo shifter levers

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