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    Avid mechanical disk squeal

    First post on this site. Find it in your heart to forgive me for being primarily a road biker--I do most of my own wrenching/building, but I have limited experience with mountain bikes.

    I have a Bianchi Rita with Avid mechanical brakes, and the rotor is rubbing the caliper on the front, making a sharp squealing sound every so often and driving me crazy. It is a relatively new bike (bought Feb this year), but the rotor seems out of true somehow. It only rubs at one point in its rotation. Beyond that, I think I could get around the problem of the out of true rotor if I could adjust/center the caliper itself, but it seems to be moored to the fork on three fixed bolts. This can't be the case, can it?

    I took it to the LBS once and the problem went away, but now it's back. Haunting me.

    Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

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    If the rotor is bent, it can be carefully trued with a clean crescent wrench (although there are tools designated for this purpose). You can use the caliper as a guage to see where it is out of true.

    Avid disc calipers can be centered by loosening the two bolts which attach the caliper to the disc mount (assuming it needs one on your particular fork), squeezing the lever, and (while the lever is squeezed) retightening the bolts. This requires a little more adjustment with mechanical disc brakes since only the outboard (the one further away from the hub) pad moves. There should be roughly double the clearance for the outboard pad as there is for the inboard (the one closer to the hub) pad.

    There should be an adjustment where you can adjust the inboad pads clearance to the rotor. The outboard pad's clearance can be adjusted with cable tension. Again, about double the clearance for the outboard (moving) pad as the inboard.

    Hope this helps
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    As you're new to discs

    let your eyes wander to the upper right. See the orange/yellow disc rotor? That's the FAQ and will be most helpful to you in future.

    Good luck, Jim MCM #11

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