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    Avid Mech pads....spring thingamabob

    can anyone tell me if the "clip/spring" is nessasary? it seems like its not really nessasary, if it is what is its purpose? ever since i installed the pads w/spring my brakes started to squeek. i reinstalled the pads w/o the springs and it seems to be more quiet. is this ok/safe...so far ive only rode on the street. i thought id ask to be safe before going out on the trails.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jello
    can anyone tell me if the "clip/spring" is nessasary? it seems like its not really nessasary, if it is what is its purpose? thanks.
    I don't know if the H-spring is absolutely necessary on the new generation Avids; maybe someone else can answer that, but its purpose is to gently press the pads against the pistons, preventing them from rattling or jingling as you ride. (First generation Avids had weak magnets in the pistons to do this.)

    If your brakes squealed with the springs but are not squealing without them, I'd bet the springs themselves were touching the rotor. The H-spring is delicate, and indelicate installation of the wheel can easily allow the rotor to catch on the spring, bending it toward the rotor. I've done this myself, but the spring was easily bent back into shape and reinstalled.

    Carefully reinstall the pads with the springs bent away from the rotors, and give them another try!

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    Well, yes and no. The magnets in the older Avids weren't weak, but they had a run that was prone to breakage. Personally, I still run first generation Avids, and the magnets are just fine. They were there, and now the springs are there, to make sure the pads retract from the rotors, rather than sitting there dragging.

    There IS, though, a small tab that's supposed to warn you when they're due for replacement, and acts like the tab on a car's brakes. It gently scrapes the rotor, making a squealing noise, so you know they're due to be replaced. If you bent that tab, then bend it slightly back.

    You can run the brakes without the springs, yes, but they won't retract, and will always be rubbing slightly on the rotor.....which will wear them faster.

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