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    Bonking ... not feelin' well Avid Mech chirping sound help?

    Over the past couple of weeks my rear Avid Mech disc has started to making a chirping sound when riding either in the saddle or out as if there is a slight rub. The brake makes no sound while using the brake and the chirping sound goes away after I get the brake warm from using it on a downhill but then returns if I have not touched the brake in awhile. I have tried adjusting the pads in every direction and the rotor is as true as I can get it using the brake FAQ as well as following all the other tips in the FAQ about noise.

    Anyone have any tips on how to shut it up as it gets really annoying?

    Bike is a 03 Fuel with Mavic 04 Crosslands and Avid BB disc that have about 100 miles on them..


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    You may have to live with it. If there is enough flex in the rear end between the rotor/hub/axle/dropout/rear triangle/caliper interface to allow the rotor to lightly touch the pads, you may not be able to elimiate the noise easily. If you can figure out which of the two pads is to blame, you can adjust the pads with a clearance bias on that side. Make sure the rear skewer is good and tight to reduce general flex back there too. Perhaps try a different compound pad like the EBCs Red, Green, or Gold.

    My video techniques can be found in this thread.

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    Have you checked the rotor for trueness? If it's not true that may be the problem. If it is it could be flex in the rear of the bike, a loose hub, or goodness knows what else. Good luck.

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    ... and if we just ...

    Thanks for the tips, I did some google searching and found a tip about using a dremal and the soft bristle polishing brush on the rotors. So I gave it a shot and low and behold it stopped the noise for now. Since my local trail is closed today I couldn't give it a good test ride but I did manage to spend a while riding it around sub division in silience :-).

    I will post if the sound comes back and the cleaning with the dremal doesn't make it go away.

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