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    Avid Juicy 7 screw up..

    So I replaced the pads and rotors on my Juicy Seven system, and I got a number of apparently typical problems in the process. The pistons wouldn't go back far enough, it was hard to get the pads in, etc... I settled for the little bit of rotor rub I had initially, until somehow it got worse.

    I decided to give it another shot, and tried to push the piston back a bit more using a tire lever. I read that someone had opened up the Torx screw on the lever end of the brakes and was able to push the piston back a bit. A few drops of fluid dripped out, as I had the bike upside-down. I put the pads back on, screwed the caliper part way on as to align it, and squeezed the brake. Of course, the lever goes all the way to the handle, and my spinning wheel spins. I'm feeling like an idiot at this point.

    I don't trust myself anymore - anyone have any idea what needs to happen next? Should I just bleed the whole system? Should I just pay someone to do it? How much should I expect to pay to have someone do it (right)?

    Thanks in advance....
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    Changing out pads on Juicy brakes should be a lot easier I agree. The main issue with these brakes is its not that simple to push the pistons all the way in....

    The "proper" way to do it is to leave the old pads in there, and then force those things apart with a beefy flat head screwdriver until the pistons are all the way in...the pads will be ruined but you are gonna throw those out anyway, right. Even with my beefiest screwdriver I need to rock those calipers back using the edges for leverage....I can't imagine using plastic levers to do this.....

    Once the pistons are all the way into the housings (and I mean ALL the way in) then putting the new ones one are alot easier. After you put the new ones in the lever will feel soft but just pump them a few times.

    If you tried pumping the levers and they don't firm up you will need to bleed them. I have no idea how much a bike shop charges since I do my own (I learned from watching a Youtube video) and the kit only costs $35 bucks at PricePoint.

    Did you pump the levers a few times and it still goes all the way down?

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    If you pushed on the pistons with the lever bleed screw open while bike is upside down, it for sure needs a bleed.

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    That's what I was afraid of. Thanks for the rundown Omar. I asked a bit too late, though. I pumped the levers and still no pad contact with the rotor.

    This snafu was with the front brake. I'm resigned to having to do a bleed, but I'm afraid I'll f*ck it up. If it's in the 20-30 buck range at a shop, I might just have them do it.

    The thing I'm concerned about is the pistons and the O-ring. How easy/hard is that to swap out? Am I likely looking at that if I can't get the read pistons to go all the way back in? I get pretty severe rub in the back.

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