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    Avid Juicy 7 caliper rebuild

    Just rebuilt my avid juicy 7 caliper and noticed that the lever has too much stroke, meaning that it almost touches the handlebar. At first i thought it was an improper bleed; so ended up bleeding it three times. Pads are already broken in and locks up fine but i can't get it to engage the pads right away. I'm thinking that i did something wrong when i took apart the lever to inspect an relube the pad contact adjuster and worm gear. Please help

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    Have you turned the contact point adjuster all the way "out"?

    If you have already try the following, turn it all "in" (direction of the arrow painted in the brake lever body). Be sure to do that before the next step because you may force some oil to escape through the top cap and it isn't needed to say it will harm the paint job.

    Afterwards with a proper tool, push yourd pads and pistons all the way back. Be gentle not to damage the pads (once again, a proper tool helps here) and not to scratch the caliper surface (it isn't needed to damage things when doing maintenance).

    Assemble the caliper once again and apply the brakes say 5/6 times so that the pistons reach a bit out.

    Adjust the contact point once more. Turning it to "out". Find your preference.

    You may also skip the part of applying the brakes 5/6 times. You just have to find how you like your brakes to feel. Try both ways, try different ways.

    I have a set like yours, and when they are properly working they are wonderful, provided you enjoy on/off brakes. I do. Only drawback I have to address is the use of DOT fluid and its inherent corrosion ability. Even with proper care it always finds some way and spots near seals, ports and connectors where it starts to corrode the paint.

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