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    Avid juicy 5 rubbing

    I bled my juicys and replaced the pads today. The first time I forgot to install the bleed block so the pads were rubbing. I let some fluid out put the pad spacers in and re-bled. I made sure to push the pistons all the way in. When I reinstalled everything and rode it I had no brakes. The brakes started working again after a few pulls. I'm guessing the pistons were pushing back in, but now they are rubbing like they were before. What's the problem. I can push the pads back out and then they won't rub but once I brake they start to rub again?

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    Maybe this thread from last week will help Juicy 3s rubbing

    If it took a "few pulls" to get them working. Thats air in the system isn't it?

    Did you clean the "piston" and caliper with brake cleaner? I think it might be your brake piston sticking. Clean and lubricate. New pads often rub for a while because they can be a little bigger than they should be while new, especially after market pads.

    Maybe a little too much fluid in the system? Not letting the piston retract enough.
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