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    Avid Juicy 5 even trade for Avid Ultimate 7s?

    I'm currently running avid juicy 5's (08 model) and my friend offered to trade me for avid ultimate 7's (08 model) since hes just getting rid of the bike.

    I've read that there are issues with the magnesium inner coating coming off, braking power diminishing on the trail due to leaks, constant rebleed and such, so I'm trying to gauge if this trade is worth it for me to save a little weight and gain some more adjustability, but possibly at the cost of headaches down the line.

    I've spoken to avid as well, and they said that these brakes do have an issue with the magnesium and brake fluid reacting, but seem to be open to swapping it out if there is an issue (but I guess by that time it might be too late, and I'm stuck on trail?)

    Just trying to get some opinions here, thanks.

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    My neighbor runs the U7's and hasn't had a single problem. In fact, they have been flawless. The only problem with Avid saying what they said to you is when you call back you might not get the same guy. The next guy might not be so open and helpful.

    I'd trade up for free. But swapping it all around is a bit of work.

    Good luck

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    alright i'm going ahead with the swap, thanks for the feedback

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