• 04-14-2011
    Avid Elixir 5 brakes too Sharp
    Any suggestions on how i can make my Elixir 5 brakes a bit less sharp?

    N.B. I've ridden a lot of bikes with different hydraulic disc brake setup-s so am well used to what disc brakes should feel like before someone suggests that I may not be used to them :-)

    On my "new to me" Trek Remedy 7 the Elixir 5 brakes are ridiculously sharp I barely have to touch the levers and the brakes lock up, it makes gentle modulation or subtle braking really tricky it makes going between this bike and my others (which have Hayes and Juicy 5's) a really awkward transition ...any advice appreciated..
  • 04-14-2011
    They might be overfilled. Put a small hose on the bleeder screw, wrap a rag around the bleeder screw, open the bleeder screw and squeeze the brake lever to release some brake fluid. Do not release the brake lever before tightening down the bleeder screw. This will cause the system to draw in air.
  • 04-14-2011
    Contaminated pads could cause the modulation problem. When I once had a car brake shoe contaminated with brake fluid, the wheel with that shoe would lockup as soon as I applied the brakes (actually made for a pretty comical situation as that one rear tire would skid under the slightest of braking forces - wouldn't have been so funny with a front tire).

    There are multiple threads in this forum regarding dealing with contaminated pads if this turns out to be the cause. I'm not sure how you would test for this, though, unless you have a spare set of pads you can try.

    Good luck,
  • 04-14-2011
    If the previous owner didn't ride much, it might still have the OEM pads. They're a lot grabbier than the metallic pads available as a maintenance part.
  • 04-15-2011
    Ta Chaps, will have check out your recommendations