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    Avid brake pad replacement alternatives?

    I am very unhappy with how the latest version of Avids pads perform. I put the last set on in November and they didn't even make it through the winter?? Now granted winter riding conditions are kind of hard on any brake pad, but the C4 pads were noisy as fack and well just didn't last for piss and are kind of expensive around here. I have gone through 3 sets of them since July! I am looking for a pad that works well in all conditions, lasts a while, and is inexpensive to replace. It probably should be able to accept the Avid clip thingy too. I can get EBC red, green, and golds at my LBS. Anyone ever try those? Help a brother out.....jdcamb

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    Gotta be hundreds of possibilities...

    Quote Originally Posted by jdcamb
    I am looking for a pad that works well in all conditions, lasts a while, and is inexpensive to replace. jdcamb

    You'll find those at the same store that sells the refrigerator that keeps food fresh twice as long, is self cleaning, and costs just a little more than a Coleman ice chest.

    Good luck.
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    Wow...I can see why I don't post in here anymore. This place is useless. Later.....jdcamb

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    EBC Koolstop

    I've used EBC and Koolstop pads and they both work fine. I forget what colour of EBC's but I just picked the one recommended for all round use. The Koolstops were for Hayes but the fit the same as tha Avid pads and I realy couldn't tell the difference.
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    Dont touch the reds Greens are ok.

    The EBC reds, SUCK! The reds just seemed to be like bricks, with no feel & not as good stopping power. I always save any pads that may have life left in them as spares, not those reds though.

    The Greens are good.

    Some pads are wider than others, the metal clip fits distinctly better on the narrower pads.

    I just installed new pads in my front & am patiently waiting for my power to return to normal. I hate this period of wondering whether its the pads or my caliper positioning that has gacked my power. Last time I rode in the rain right after installation & they bedded in really well & quickly.

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    I too am looking to replace my avid pads. I am looking to try an alternative brake pad. Are there any brake pads out there besides avid that come with the clips? My rear clip kind of snapped and is rubbing onto my rotor. Or even shops sell these clips seperatly?

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    I had got recently pads from Koolstop, EBC, Avid and Fibrax (padmania!!) and all but the Fibrax include this spring.

    You can get the springs separately from

    Fibrax and EBC Golds look suspiciously similar... hummmmmm.....
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    I too was a little dissappointed in the pad life of the Avids (usally about 6-7 months without rain, shorter with), so last time I tried the EBC greens (or was it the golds, can't remember). Anyway they lasted maybe a little longer (8-9 months) but the front screeched like a banshi off and on the whole time, and I can't say that the stopping power was any better.... maybe not as good. Maybe a little better modulation though.

    So I went back to the Avid B4s. After a few break in runs down my road and about half way through my first ride they were set...... and NO squawking.

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