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    Avid Arch Rival Q's

    I am looking at some rim brakes for my SS bike, its on a budget so I am going the rim route rather than discs. Now its been forever since I have used a v-brake. I have seen some Avid SD 2.0 V's for $15 per pair which probably would work just fine and match the budget nicely.

    I have also found some Avid ArchRival 4.0 brakes for $23 each, which seems to be a good price for these. Is there any real benefit between the two? Anyone use either of these systems? What kind of tire clearance do the arch brakes have? I am planning on running rigid and would like to use some beefy tires like 2.35 or 2.4's, but am concerned with clearance.

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    Hi Pedro. I can't comment on the tire clearance while the wheel is in the frame/fork but I can say that the arch doesn't really allow the brakes to open up all the way, making tire removal annoying (even with 2.1's). They are really nice brakes though in terms of performance.

    If you do decide to go with them, here's a tip for set up: loosen the pads up, set the cable to hold the arms at about the right distance from the rim, and then set the pads. If you try and set the pads with the opposite brake arm "out" (not held in by cable or by hand), the arch changes how the pad hits when you do push the other arm in and your pad adjustment is moot.
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    don't bother with the arch rivals. i don't understand the point of them, in all honesty. are they trying to compete with shimano's parallel push, or what?

    go with the 2.0s.

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