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    Smile adjusting brake pads

    I've got a problem with my juicy seven brakes on my BMC mountain bike. the brake pads are always in contact with the rotor. its very minor in the back, but its very noticeable in the front (it only spins for about 3 seconds). I've done a search on this issue and all I see is that you should turn the screw on the brake handle to adjust this. But, the brake contact screw is turned out all the way and it is still rubbing. Is there a way to adjust the location of the pads on the brake itself by tightening or loosening one of the allen bolts on the brake itself?

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    The knob DOES NOT affect the pad position.

    You need to push the pistons back into the bores by using a large flat head screwdriver between the pads and rock it back and forth. Make sure that it is clean and you do not gouge the pads. If you cannot get the pad backings to sit flush with the caliper, the system is probably overfilled. Level out the lever, remove the lever bleed screw, and reset the pistons again. This will force out any excess fluid. Close the bleed port. Clean the area.

    Put the wheel back in and make sure that the axle is firmly seated in the dropouts. There are two bolts that attach the caliper to the adapter. These are 5mm allen bolts (not the bolts that attach the caliper halves together or the adapter to the frame). Pump the lever a few times and hold. While holding the lever retighten the bolts making sure that you torque them evenly and that the caliper does not shift. This may take a couple tries.

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