adjusting avid mech brakes...need help!-
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    adjusting avid mech brakes...need help!

    I just intalled some new avid mechs disc brakes.

    When i squeeze the front lever, the brake pad moves the rotor.

    I dont think that is right.

    When you squeeze the lever the rotor should move, but the brake pads move to the rotor, right?

    What adjustments should I make.

    Should I try moving the whole caliper with the two screws.

    Thanks for any tips
    Intense Tracer

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    If you haven't already... the instructions from <a href="">Avid's site</a>.

    Then ignore them.

    Well, that's not quite true, they cover almost everything.

    The main point is that yes, the rotor is supposed to flex, but just a little. That's why, after setting them up as described, back the inside pad off just a minimal amount ? about one click counter-clockwise of the big red adjuster knob ? so that the pad barely clears the rotor, but the rotor doesn't have far to move to contact the pad.

    As for the outer pad ? the small red knob ? you can back that one off anywhere from one click to 5 clicks. This allows you to determine the engagement point of the lever. Just be sure you don't back it off too far, or your lever (or the caliper) will run out of range before you ever develop full braking power.

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    As the prev post states, with Avid mechs, being that only one side of the caliper presses against a stationary pad, you will always have some rotor flex. This can be minimized by two things:

    1. make sure your rotor is true (straight)
    2. which will allow you to run your pads very close to the rotor without rubbing thereby minimizing the amount of flex and distance between the stationary pad and the rotor. Then simply adjust the red dial till you get the amount of lever throw before engagement.

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