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    200mm rotor with Rockshox Revelation 140 on a 29er

    Hi Folk,

    The other day at the shop, the service staff said not to put a 200mm rotor on my bike because "The fork is too flexy for that size".

    It is a Rockshox Revelation 140mm

    I love the brakes, the 180/180 combo is working for everything - when my fingers are fresh - and when it is not too steep for too long. I balance my front/back brakes but do brake a lot because I am not comfortable riding some of the trails here at speed or too fast for the weather.

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    I suppose you could get some flex and the rotor could rub the side of the caliper but in all honesty that sounds like a load....

    The revelations line is not the stiffest fork but its not exactly a noodle either I believe they are rated for 200mm rotors and any flex is more likely to be higher up in the fork versus down at the rotor. If you need more stopping power try the larger rotors.

    On a side note, the larger rotor will give more power but will also help with heat load and brake fade.

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    To slow down a given mass at a given deceleration, all rotor sizes will have the same torque. The longer lever is offset by a low brake pad force for a larger rotor to achieve the same torque.
    So, in most circumstances, your 200mm rotor will not flex your fork more than than your smaller one.
    Also, torque is limited to the amount it will take to lock your wheel. In the front, that is not something you normally want to do, but if you did, you would skid or go over the bars. If you do this with a small rotor, the force on the fork is the same as for a large rotor.
    Theoretically, if you tried to stop as fast as possible, putting max force on your brake levers, you could lock up faster with the large rotor, and therefore create a spike of high torque that would exceed what you could generate with the smaller rotor, but that is not a normal riding situation and not something I would worry about.

    There is a difference, however, with large rotors. The caliper is mounted on a taller adapter and farther away from the fork leg. There is more shear on the adapter and on the mounting bolts. Its not the amount of force, but the direction of force, that could be a problem. But this is true for any fork, whether your fork is flexy or not.

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    Thanks for chiming in team mtbr! I went and bought a with adapter.
    It is installed and eagerly wanting a good ride
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