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    2007 Hope mono mini: Are they postmount only?

    Hope hasn't updated their website yet.

    Anyone know?

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    Have you checked their UK site? http://www.hopegb.com
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    Yes, all the late 06 and new 07 brakes are comings this way... I myself like the older mounting style, it my be harder to set up...spacers and whatnot but IMO a cleaner look.
    I belive they switched over to accomidate different rotor sizes and after using both on my bikes the post mount is a easier setup. I just got one from Jenson about a week ago and it was an old style ( Mono mini ) i did not ask them which one they were sending, so if you are looking for the post mount you my want to double check with whoever before ordering... That is unless you are getting an 07 in which case it will be post mount.

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    i just got some late 06 mono mini's with the gold bore caps. How do I tell if I've got the new style ones or the cleaner older ones? What part is different?

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    I heard they are sweet sweet sweet...

    Anyone got any pictures?Hope mini carbon.

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    I think the difference between 06 and 07 are the pistons. 06 stainless 07 phenolic. Hope mini carbon were posted a little while ago.There sweet

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    I agree with others that the post mount + adapter sucks. Seems like it was easier to setup drag free with the shims. Just installed the '07 minis on a bike and they are really nice, aside from that. Also - damn adapter - had to file it down since I couldn't get the caliper to move outboard enough on the front not to drag...

    I had a local shop who is big into hope brakes check into availability on the "pro" version posted on the bikemagic site. Sounds as though Hope did those just for a show, and isn't convinced there is enough demand to put them in production. I think they're wrong. Loved the green ano and the hope logo with british flag on the reservoir cap... I'd buy em.

    CF - check here: http://www.bikemagic.com/news/articl...N/5349/v/2/sp/

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    if you run a 160mm rotor on to post mount forks you dont need an adaptor.

    i prefer the IS set up too for the same reasons as mentioned by others on this thread,
    i think one of the reasons hope went postmount was the amount of moaning some of the mechanically useless used to do in the uk(and some of the mtb mags). hope make great products, if your **** with an allen key and a spanner its not there fault...

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    Just picked up an 07 Mono Mini set for the other bike from Monkamoo. 183 front, 160 rear. He advertised PM front, and IS rear, but I was delivered both as PM's with adapters, which isn't such a big deal, but I would have preferred the IS rear. Even though the fork is IS, I opted for the PM front only because in the future, it seems fewer forks may be IS, and it's a ***** trying to figure out the hard to find adapter combo that needs a new odd rotor and blah blah blah.

    PM is easy to set up, but it's never exactly parallel to the rotor. Incrementally tightening in more steps than normal helps greatly.

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