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    180mm Rotor on Avid Elixir Post Mount

    I know there have a been a few posts about this before, and I've spent hours searching...but I'm looking for someone to confirm that one or any of these will or will not work with certainty to run a 180mm rotor, post mount front, Avid Elixir.

    For some reason, my Avid's are great...but I want a little more grunt up front from a 180mm.

    Fleabay Generic



    The Shimano looks like it moves the caliper either up or down. If down, I'm not sure about hose length...

    Not sure about the Hayes' mount. Some have posted yes, but technically it's about 177mm (7") vs 180mm...so my assumptions was to run a small washer to bump it up to 180ish. This may also apply to the mount on Ebay as well.

    I know I can buy the 185mm Avid mount, and shave it down...but I don't exactly have the tools to do it and keep the mounting surface flat. Filing my hand or a dremel won't gaurantee that. I think the CPS design of the Avid's could compensate...but it would suck to drop $15 on an Avid mount, spend the time grinding it down, just to find out it didn't work.

    If anyone has any other options, I'd love to hear it!

    Thanks in advance!

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    I use an Avid 185 adapter with 180 rotor and I just shaved off a little with a file to make it work properly ... the cps washers will compensate for any uneven surface
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    I have used both the Shimano and Magura 180mm PM adapters (essentially the same) with my Juicy caliper. I can't see the elixir caliper giving any additional problems. Either can readily be had for around $10 (may have to look around, check bikebling for the shimano). Also, both are well made. Rotor size is up for debate. I use a 180mm rotor when using a 180mm adapter. Some say you can get away running 185mm rotors on a 180mm adapter and vice-versa, but I would rather do it right one time and not think of it again. Brakes are an area that I want to be 100% dialed

    I have used that formula adapter, 2.5mm spacers, and an avid 185mm rotor. But IMO that is pretty kludged together.
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