Surly Krampus Fork or Salsa Firestarter Fork?-
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    Surly Krampus Fork or Salsa Firestarter Fork?

    Hi All,

    I'm getting a Soma Juice, size L in a week or two.

    I'm trying to decide between the Surly Krampus fork and the Salsa Firestarter fork, both steel.

    Here are the specs:

    Surly Krampus Fork:
    483mm axle-to-crown
    47mm rake

    Salsa Fork:
    483mm axle-to-crown
    45mm rake

    Stock Geometry Fork for the Juice:
    485mm axle-to-crown
    47mm rake

    I take it these little +/- to geometry won't be enough to affect handling. I can't tell if the slightly lower rake on the Salsa fork offsets the slightly shorter length for a "perfect" fit, and I don't know enough to know if I'm splitting hairs.

    According to manufacturer specs, the Surly fork is a few ounces lighter than the Salsa fork, but I know Surly uses basic Cromoly while Salsa uses their in-house steel.

    Is the Salsa Steel worth a slightly higher price and slightly longer wait, or should I just go with the Krampus fork?

    Which would you buy?

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    I have a Krampus fork on my Juice. It rides well.

    On a related note, I swapped the stock fork from my KM for a Fargo fork. I couldn't tell the difference.

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    I fitted a Krampus fork to my Superfly and I love it.

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    I have gone back and forth on my El Mar. First I started with the Krampus fork cause I wanted to run a 29+ on the front of a bike. I rode it for a few on the El Mar, but I decided to get the steel firestarter fork, which fits the 29+ wheels just fine. I personally liked the Salsa fork, it was lighter and seemed to have a little more of that magic steel ride that I was looking for.

    Sadly it got bent, I think it was from my shoddy packing job when I mailed the bike this summer, and now I'm back to the Krampus fork. It rides fine, but it doesn't have that quiet magic that the Salsa had.

    If I could do it over, I would get the steel firestarter with the 15mm TA dropouts

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