Bikepacking with young kids. Surly Big Dummy-
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    Bikepacking with young kids. Surly Big Dummy

    We are getting our family ready for a few expeditions this summer. The kids will be age 4 and 6 shortly, and are now capable of 15-20kms on flat-ish roads. Probably 6-7km on rugged trails. Here is a video clip of us riding to a nearby park to get the kids used to the whole routine. Make camp, pitch tent, eat, break camp, head home...

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    Thanks for posting, that was cool.
    Are you going to take the other cargo bike on the trip?
    Good taste with the snowpeak mug.

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    What great fun for the kids, the world is such a big place when you are little that even up the road is an adventure!

    tell us more about your Big Dummy wheels, the look almost fat?

    I am tempted by one for the shopping at the supermarket and a bit of bikepacking!

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    Great vid! Our kids are the same age as yours; our 3-year-old son just learned to ride (w/o training wheels), but he still needs a lot more practice (though he can do it, he's still a little freaked out by it and all over the place, LOL). And our daughter (5) is still petrified to try it w/o training wheels. I'm gonna have to spend a lot of time at the park running alongside of her (ugh).

    We just bought our son a bigger bike (went from 12" wheels to 16") which—as long as he can reach the bottom of the pedal stroke—should help.

    Keep us posted on your adventures! I'd be thrilled if we could do even one multi-mile overnight before the summer's over (even if it's on a paved bike trail).

    Scott (in Oregon)
    29er wheels are dangerous. They may cause you to go faster which can result in serious bodily injury. —Jim311

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    It certainly gives them a sense of achievement as well as adventure and like Flying Scotsman says, even a short trip up the road is an adventure.
    My little man is just turned seven and while he is used to touring in a trailer when a baby through to an i Bert seat, Yepp seat on the Trucker to the Dummy and now a mix of self riding and hitching a lift on the Dummy when tired, he loves that he can do it on his own and the sense of achievement when he goes a long way is evident. He is just about to leave his 16 inch behind and I suppose I will get him something he can start to put a small load on with panniers for when we go away. The 16 is handy though as it's easy to just hook on the Dummy

    This is from a day ride out into the flow country where he did about 11 miles before hitching a lift, longest by far. Certainly slept well
    21125382_1271717322957009_6709097848812580715_o by Jamie Dyer, on Flickr

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    Planning an overnighter with my 10 year old this summer looking at 13ish miles to a state park to camp. It will be a first for the both of us.

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