Hey guys, thought I might try to get some input here.

I'm going to bike from Milwaukee to Madison via the Glacial Drumlin trail on Thursday. This tallies up to be 35.5 miles paved, and 40.2 miles unpaved. From what I've seen the unpaved section starts out as nice, tightly packed crushed limestone, but quickly gets more rough. When I biked out to Sullivan my 700x23C tires were starting to sink in a bit and it was significantly harder to maintain my speed. Also consider that it has been raining a good amount here (But luckily won't be for my ride).

Best option?

Bike 1: 2013 Motobecane Super Strada, 700x23C tires, 20 speed, clipless pedals, ~21.5 lbs
Bike 2: 2011 GT Avalanche, 26"x2.1" tires, 8 speed, no fork lockout, ~31 lbs
Bike 3: 1980's Raleigh Gran Sport, 27x1.25 tires, steel frame, 10 speeds, ~26.5 lbs