Hello everyone,
I sold my bike setup(dumbass move!, never sell your bike stuff!) and realized the mistake I made...
So, I am currently building another touring bike. On my "older" build, I had the Arkel T-28s on the rear and loved them! With my current build I was wondering about your input on putting the GT-18s on front and rear? Heel clearance problems? With the T-28s the bottom is 6" and the GT-18s are 10". The bike is the Surly Ogre size medium, my 5-10 shoe size is 10.5US, the rear rack Tubus Cosmo and the front is Tubus Nova.
I know they pair the GT-18s with the bigger panniers, but unfortunately my tours last 2-3 weeks max. So I don't need/want the bigger panniers. Has anyone used the GT-18s for rear panniers?
Thanks for your input!
By the way, I'm a Utah and surrounding states rider, hope to see you out on the road!