Advice needed re. Ogre size-
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    Advice needed re. Ogre size

    Long time touring biker, new to forum, is interested in bikepacking. I've been checking out the Ogre but struggling with size.

    I've read some posts that were helpful but would love to find anyone within striking distance so that I might simple stand over the real deal. or take for a quick spin.

    I'm probably a medium(18") but think I'd rather err on larger side maybe a large (20"). I once had a two big dummys. Medium and large and liked the large. I know those are way different but that's what I 'm thinking

    I ride a rivendell Atlantis 56 presently but think I could have gone with a 58.

    My book in the crotch measurement (Argh) is 850mm or 33.5 inches.
    The effective top tube length as close as I can measure on the Atlantis which is also a quite different bike is 580. I'm about
    5'-9 1/2" tall. My regular pants inseam is closer to 30 or 31

    Apart from finding someone that has one close by - your size and bike you chose would be helpful. The Jones H loop bars look good and get good reviews. I could possibly switch out to something more like a flat/straight bar and play with stems a bit if needed.
    I was able to ride a Large ECR at a local bike store. It's geometry doesn't seem that far off the Ogre. Large did not give me much stand over clearance - maybe 3cm or so. I'm pretty sure it had a 110 stem and it was a reach to the cross bar on the loop bars although the standard sweep position was OK.

    I'm in Cabot Vermont - So if your close let me know. None in stock anywhere in New England as far as I can find. I'd sure appreciate your help. Next to that I'd appreciate hearing from anyone regarding their size and the bike they chose.



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    I am around 6'3"-6'4", with reasonably long legs ... I went with the XL and it fits not too bad ...
    I basically use mine as a commuter/dogsbody/beater, set up with drop bars [ragley luxey] at present, although not entirely convinced on this and might go back to flat bars, just a personal preference ...
    I am in new Zealand, so a bit too far away for you to try though ...
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    I'm 6 ft and a bit, fairly standard leg / torso / arm lengths I ride an 18" Karate Monkey which geom wise is almost identical to the Ogre. I have tried a 20" and it felt too big, at 5' 9 to 10" I would suggest to look at 16 to 18"(18 would be erring on the side of caution). My CX bike is a 58 btw and that is just perfect for me.

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    5ft 9in here with a book in crotch of 32in. I ride a medium ogre with a healthy amount of seatpost exposed.

    I will say this, if you are going to be using it for touring I would go a size up, especially if you plan to use a frame bag, it will fit a larger bag at a larger size. I probably would have gone a size up if I did not get the best deal ever on a medium frame.

    Also my medium with my rear rack is at the upper limits of what the extensions will allow a size up would be much easier. My rack is about 1 degree off center and my OCD has finally calmed down to live with it.
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    If your inseam measurement is at all accurate, get the 20".

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