Hey guys,

I have been riding a Yeti SB5 for 3.5 years. I am not a particularly aggressive rider but I am an avid 6+ days a week kind of gal and my bike has been doing an average of 10 enduro races per year.

As I am training and practicing to tackle more technical terrain and bigger enduro races such as EWS qualifiers I need a proper enduro bike. At the moment I don't have as much money, so I would not be able to afford the SB6 torque X01 kit. The SB6 GX could be an option at 5 K.

Despite Yeticycles being perhaps the best bike around, to be honest I have always felt like the bike was ahead of me. Like I was riding a horse that not easy to tame. maybe because I am a girl and these bikes are designed around aggressive male riders. Point is that the SB5 perhaps never gave me the confidence I needed. On technical terrain I always relied on the bike more than my skills, which is a grave mistake, but its such a capable bike that you can let it do its thing. But to a certain point because after I would lose confidence trying to maneuver a powerful machine on technical trails... which always made me feel off. After 3.5 yrs I can ride it better but on the steep stuff it has reached a bit of a limit.

Any idea for girls if maybe we need something less aggressive even as enduro racers? Something more stable that doesnt feel like a crazy horse. I have been considering the Strive which I could get with better components with the same price of the SB6 GX.

Any thoughts?