I'm looking for something I can use mainly for street/a little trials riding but also for DJ's & for pootling around town on!.

Managed to find these at the following prices:

WTP Avenue 24 BMX (2010)- 240,
Giant STP 2 26(2009) - 270,
DB Groove 24 (2009) - 300,
Kona Shonky 26(2008) - 350.

I really wanted a 24 due to my small size (5 foot 6). Not many Bike shops where I live but I tested a DMR Drone 24 & it seemed a nice size but too expensive & too heavy. The WTP Avenue seems a good alternative & a lot cheaper, but again as its a 24 BMX its gonna be heavier & I really wanted sometihng a little lighter, hence the ALU MTB alternatives above.
The STP 2 is a fantastic price & lighter, & also offers the option of SS if I want it, but I'll have to swap out the 26's for 24's.
DIamondBack Groove looks ok, & I know that they are producing better quality BMX's now but I'm not sure what their MTB's are like when it comes to quality.
Kona Shonky is most expensive. Not sure about the parts & again I'd need to swap out the 26's.

Whats your opinion guys? Any suggestions or alternatives?

Thank in advance.