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    Wife need new bike with same geometry

    My wife loves her 200(5?) Bianchi Boardwalk. It's majorly beatup and I'd like to buy her a new bike for her birthday.

    Either I take it somewhere and ask them to keep the frame and upgrade everything (I have never done this, not sure if possible or how much it would cost) OR I buy a new bike with the same geometry. The bike is really perfect for her and she wants the exact same feel in a new bike. Is that possible. The historical geometry is here:

    Boardwalk | Bianchi USA

    Could someone recommend bikes that have the same geometry? Not even sure if that's possible. Help!

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    Upgrading everything is way expensive unless you do all the work yourself, maybe more than a whole new bike depending on what's needed. I'm not familiar with that bike, but it looks like a garden variety hybrid. There are plenty of options in that space. I'm sure you can find something close enough geo wise.
    Do the math.

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    Yeah, that's not an uncommon geometry, there should be many options. What size is her bike? If you want to treat her to a new one a Rivendell step through would be a very nice upgrade.

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    Exact same? Not likely unless you have one custom made.

    Close enough? Sure, plenty of stuff out there, and I'm sure you could find something that's a bit of an improvement in overall quality, too.

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    I think my question is more how do I make sure the geo is close enough? What number should I pay attention to the most?

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    Have her sit on and/or ride a few modern bikes in the category. I'm sure she'll find something that feels the same or better. After all, will she really notice the difference between a 430mm chainstay and a 420 or 440mm chainstay?
    The exact geometry numbers aren't really as important as the overall feel.

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