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    What frames should i be looking at?

    I'm at a bit of a dilemma as to what sort of bike i should be looking at.

    I ride trail/DH/Freeride. So my riding varies from 3+hr trail rides, riding UK nationals DH courses through to freeriding, 6ft+ drops and 15ft+ doubles.

    I am a BMXer really, so what is unstable to a typical MTBer is stable to me.

    I currently have a pitch, it's starting to feel a bit flexy on bigger stuff, it also feel lethargic on flat/lower speeds. It's not very poppy, a bit of a dead weight.

    I am looking at frames 120-160mm travel, something strong and rigid, something that is playful, not something that turns the rough into smooth tarmac, but something that holds composure in the rough and big hits. Also something I can pedal around.

    I am currently looking at transition bottlerocket/cover and orange blood.

    Am I looking the the right place for my riding style and requisites?

    Or am I just being silly expecting the characteristics i am after?

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    Try giant Reign or Faith, Intense Uzzi, Ibis HD, Nomad/carbon too many to list. The budget would be nice to help narrow down choices

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    Cheers for the input but, in my head I don't want a long travel trail bike, because-

    .The amount of pedal feedback whilst pedalling in the rough due to the anti-squat built into these type of bikes.

    .They have long, stable wheelbases, i want something poppy and nimble.

    .The suspension is typically designed to be "plush" and blows through the travel, rather than being lively and again poppy and fun.

    .Not as strong as i want them to be. I want to give them some serious ragging, not just the occasional foray into the tame bits of a freeride park.

    This is why i'm looking at bikes like the bottlerocket and orange blood, they don't rely on lots of wollowy travel to accommodate big hits, they take a ore pert approach, taking the worst off hits in a controlled way, not just one big bottom out wallow like your typical trail bike.

    This thread is to see if what my interpretation of what i need is correct and whether my experince of 6" trail bikes is generally correct.

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