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    want to or need to - new bike

    THis is simply a request to share experiences with those like myself who have pondered getting a new bike for whatever reason. Here is the main dilemma - do I need a new one or is it just want a new one because it is the thing to do and they look cool.

    I seem to go through this spell every year and usually end up sticking with my current trail bike. I personally have three bikes that I ride - road, commuter mtb and my trail bike. Whenever I think I need a new trail bike, I soon discover through riding my current one that I don't need a new one. The old steed works just fine. So then I just continue with what I have with regular maintenance and upgrades as stuff wears out for another year. I have going through this cycle for for 7 years now with the same trail bike. I rode my previous trail bike for 6 years before that. I don't want to bias any opinion about what I am or should be riding so let's just say it is a burly but light hard tail.

    The F/S bikes have evolved quite a bit in the last few years. I am still not that impressd though. I have rode a few on the trail (kona, spec. jamis) and they felt comfortable and forgiving but also very heavy and makes you forget about taking the best line. I am afraid everytime I think about purchasing a F/S that I will lose my technical edge that took so many years to develop and become a lazy rider. Sure, I can probably go bigger and do "drops and jumps" and stuff without busting anything but that is not the primary goal. Dual travel does not make a better rider in my opinion.

    What I think is more important is riding style in determining if a new ride is needed.
    Mainly cross country and mild freeriding locally.
    Lots of 'epic' type rides with technical climbs and long singletrack descents on generally good trail regionally.
    Personally I ride mostly in the Pacific Northwest with frequent rides on the east side of the Cascades on mountain motorcycle trails. I've ridden Boulder City Nev, some mild North Shore areas, Galbraith Wa, Sawtooths Idaho and several other 'destination' areas around the west coast. Barring big stunts and jumps, all in all there was precious little that could not be tackled by the current ride on natural trail. I am 5.9 and 160lbs and have been doing this since the 70s on BMXs. Restarted the joy in the early 90s on MTB.

    So, I ask. Of those trail riders who have made the jump to F/S, did you truthfully need to. Only reason I upgraded the HT last time in 2001 was due to increased shock technology and frame geometry. Did you break through a newfound barrier on the trail with the new bike or did the bike just make it easier to ride what was the hard stuff.

    Thanks for reading this far and any input or reflection appreciated.

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    if you decide to move to a full suspension I have a 2007 yeti 575 (small) that I am looking to sell.

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