An unbelievable true story of Commencal Bicycles-
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    An unbelievable true story of Commencal Bicycles

    How to screw up a reputation, and customer relations! An unbelievable true story of Commencal Bicycles
    This is a true story of Commencal Bicycles’ way of managing bike warranty issues and customer relationships.
    After careful consideration I decided to invest in a Commencal bicycle in the end of April 2010.
    After receiving my Commencal Meta 6, I immediately started using my brand new mountain bike, really enjoying it and my decision to purchase it as my latest bike for the coming years. But…
    On June 20th 2010 (less than 8 weeks from purchase) I noticed that the frame of my new bike was broken. Until then I had used the bike for less than 30 hours without any serious accidents or tumbles.

    I immediately contacted the dealer with a reclamation, and after several e-mails and phone calls, both to the dealer and directly to Commencal Bicycles Company, I finally received a new frame. But no compensation from Commencal Bicycles Company for the costs related to parts changing from the old broken frame to the new one which was done by a professional bike service shop.
    This incident caused a breakage of approximately seven weeks in my summer cycling season, which in Finland tends to be the only season for cycling. In addition I ended up using 170 Euros for the exchange of parts to my new frame. I swallowed my pride and accepted the additional costs, because I had my Commencal Meta 6 ready for the next season. But…
    As I started using my bicycle, now with the new frame, in the summer of 2011, having cycled for approximately 40 hours, the frame broke again from the same location as previously. Once again I approached the dealer with a reclamation (on the 7th of August 2011).

    Today, on the 30th of January 2012, five six after the second reclamation, I haven’t been given any detailed schedule or any kind of plan of when I will receive a new Commencal frame (once again).
    I have already sent more than ten e-mails and made several phone calls to the bike dealer, Commencal Bicycles Company and directly to the owner of Commencal Bicycles Company without receiving any kind of plans for a delivery of a new frame to replace the broken one. Only comment, “Do not call me I am busy and I do not care!” Constructive approach!
    Commencal Bicycles has promised to send me a new 2012 model frame, but without elaboration on the schedule. And once again Commencal hasn’t promised any kind of compensation for the parts changing costs, or for the time period having had a possibility to use my expensive Commencal Meta mountain bike (8 months without a working bike of the 21 months of ownership).
    So based on my experience so far, if you’re interested in purchasing a bicycle as a decoration item, then Commencal cycles might suit you. But if you’re considering on taking it for a ride, I’d really use very careful consideration before purchasing a Commencal bicycle.
    It seems to me that Commencal customer retention starategy is;
    We at Commencal Bicycles company will do our all so that you don’t want to buy a second bike from us because CUSTOMERS SUCK!

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    I have no idea why your frame is breaking, BUT!

    In no way shape or form should they comp you for having it 'put together'
    It's a bicycle, not a rocketship.

    If you are buying brands like commencal, (instead of my super-duper sette), you should better damn know well how to build a bike.

    Sorry - if this is curt - but damn it - if you can afford to get a high-end frame, you better be able to put it together
    frikkin yuppies .
    Honestly... ahh I give up

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    Commencal being slow on the second frame replacement is a bummer for sure, but I don't know of ANY bike company that will pay for labor or "lost time" on a warranty claim.

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    Sucks they are being a prick about the 2nd frame, but you should find out why its breaking at the same spot. If its happening to you, others with the same frame might have the same problem.
    While is normal for bike shops to charge to swap over parts on a warranty frame, I think should be covered under warranty like cars. If it were me, I would do the parts swapping myself.
    If you can cook instant oatmeal, you can build a bike.

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    I agree with those who have posted. I have never seen a bicycle frame warranty that compensated the owner for the cost of tearing down and rebuilding the bike. In fact, Commencal's warranty expressly disclaims any liablity for such costs:

    Compensating for "lost riding time" is even more absurd.

    By the way, the OP says s/he has a Commencal Meta 6. I don't see the Meta 6 mentioned in the warranty but, if you read it, you will see that some frames are warrantied for as little as six months! I don't know enough about Commencal bike to know whether the OP's Meta 6 is a bike sold for competition but, if it is, it may only have a six month warranty to start with.

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    This is also the 15th time in 15 forums that this story has been posted, verbatim.

    If you can't "put together" a bike from one frame to another in a matter of a couple hours, you may want to consider focusing some of your forum post energy toward learning more about bikes.

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    Your right, I don't believe it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by highdelll View Post
    I have no idea why your frame is breaking, BUT!
    Because it's a Commencal, they use shite quality tubing with thin walls, every year the snapping problem is 'fixed' and every year forums fill up with 'help my Meta's cracked' threads.

    They should really be out of business by now, but hey ho.

    #Edit, I take it back, there's only one cracked frame thread on Commy forum's front page. Must've learned their lesson...
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