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    New question here. Transitioning from BMX to MTB

    Hello mtb community
    Within a year I am going to start riding mountain bikes. Specifically looking for a full-suspension trail bike. I have a few bikes in mind at various price points and I'm not quite sure what the best option is. My budget is around $2000 CAD, but I'll go as high as $2500 if its worth it. The 2 bikes right now that I'm eyeing up are
    1. 2015 Norco fluid 7.3: I can get this bike for $750 used, but i understand it has the lowest end fork that rockshox makes, and has a cheap-looking (imo) crankset.
    2. 2018 Specialized Camber 27.5. I can get this bike new for $2000 at my local shop, and its more in line with the specs that i want, but is the upgrade in parts worth triple the price?
    I should state that I've ridden BMX for over 6 years, and have broken many parts over the years, so I'm not so sure if a total beginners bike will last for me. If neither of these bikes will cut it, what tier of bike would you suggest? specialized/trek/norco preferred as those are mainly what my local carries

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    Mtn bikes are the same as,light.strong. Pick 2. Parts fail just like with BMX bikes. You wonít really know til you start riding. Smooth riders or riders that ride light on the bike tend to not have failure issues, whereas riders that just push their way through everything and ride heavy go through parts much quicker.
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    ...and you will already have a full tool box of bike skills to use on the trails from BMX...this should help you save some damage that other people go through when they first ride...

    I did the same thing years ago...well, I still ride BMX so MTB was more an addition...and I stuck with full rigid steel for MTB b/c I was used to it in BMX.

    Granted, in MTB, I do more long touring and single track stiff...not as much jumping/drops/downhill riding/racing etc. I tried FS bikes and there was just too much squish and play for my liking. In BMX, I mostly ride park, so I scratch the "air" itch there

    not knowing the FS market 100%, but gleaning what I can from reading stuff on this forum, the 2018 is definitely worth it...I would imagine that after a while, you would spend about as much upgrading the 2015, and believe it or not, some of the components and sizes of things on that bike might not be compatible to current available options.
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