I know there is an $1800 difference, but it is really worth it? They are very different bikes, but I will be riding mostly urban assault and the occasional trail. The Jamis weighs around 3lbs more. Would it be worth getting the Jamis and upgrading it eventually? I know Transition makes some AMAZING bikes, but I can't honestly see them being that much more amazing? I cant get the Jamis for $1550 from Jenson and may be able to get a Transition Double from an LBS for $3000 (if it is last years model or something).

How much do Cove Hookers cost?

If anybody can reccommend a good 4x or short travel FR bike for under $2500, please do.

I am just seeing what is out there. I have been researching my ass off, and the Transition would be the better choice, but I don't have that kind of money to spend.