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    Stumpjumper FSR..what size?

    I'm just starting to get into riding, i'm normally a mountaineer.
    I believe in spending a good amount of money for good equipment and a more enjoyable experience, even if it turns out the sport isn't for me.
    Started looking at XC on-the-edge-of-AM bikes, and am seriously considering a Stumpjumper FSR base model.
    I'm 6'2", and more importantly have an inseam of 34", and was wondering what size I should be looking at? I was guessing the XL 21" off-the-cuff but was looking for a more professional opinion.
    The XL top tube is 638mm with the total bike height being 739mm.

    Lastly, best place for prices on this? if i'm not asking too much.



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    I can offer unprofessional info...

    I"m 5' 10". I had a M 17" 2003 Stumpy FSR, and I now have a 2006 L 19" Stumpy FSR (base model, same as you indicate, excellent choice for a starter bike, ihmo ). My inseam is probably 33", perhaps less. I'd say that if I could, I'd like to have an 18". Alas.

    I expect that if you search for mtb sizing info you'll find that there are a lot of variables to consider; riding style, trail topography generally ridden, personal taste in fit, there must be more. In general, mtb riding is not like road riding, where a precise fit is much more of a thing. Moving between in and out of the saddle and forward and back due to climbs and descents makes for a less certain fit situation in general. I'd guess that at 6' 2" the XL is probably the size to go with, but you absolutely need to test ride to get a better idea. Different models and brands of bikes will also feel different even if they have similar size geometry. For example, I don't care for the feel of an Epic.

    As for pricing, for Specialized bikes you are going to have to deal with an LBS, but a couple of hundred off of MSRP should be easy to find or haggle for. I do suggest a couple of minor mods to the base model. The mud flap is $20 well spent, imo; keeps mud or dust/dirt off of the shock body. The weight of the stock cassette was hard for me to accept, so I put an XT cassette on mine; about $80. And I ride rocky enough trails that the I replaced the large chain ring with a bash ring from the get-go; $40.

    Good luck! I love my Stumpy. I floated down Porc Rim in Moab and grinding up Mt. Elden in Flagstaff is not a problem. Great trail bike.

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    A 21 sounds about right but you should check out a few sizes to verify.

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    Good job!

    Thanx for all the input. I definately will go ride one or two sizes of it firsthand, and look into the upgrades you suggested.
    I also have a local buddy that's a big biker and racer, so he can give me the low down on what i should have based on the local trails i plan to frequent.
    If you guys ever get into mountaineering, climbing, hiking, and need advice, give me a shout. I'd be glad to help.

    Thanx again,


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